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SEO Made Simple Course by The Unconventional RD [Case Study]

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I invested in SEO Made Simple* in November 2022. The investment I made into the course has paid itself back several times over and, as time goes on, I can see the incredible results continuing! Let’s learn more about SEO, why it matters and my review of SEO Made Simple.

What is SEO and why does it matter?

If you run an online business then you’ve probably heard about SEO. Search engines want to give their users the best experience by helping them find the most relevant and value-packed content when they search.

Optimising our website and the content on our site (e.g. our main pages, blog posts and digital shop listings) ensures search engines like Google show our sites to searchers on the first page.

This means more clicks, more traffic and more potential customers or clients! Sounds good right?!

But SEO can feel complicated when you get started. It is definitely a skill that needs to be developed. It has got a bad name for being hard to learn or complex, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Especially when you have the support of Erica Julson of The Unconventional RD and her course, SEO Made Simple.

What is SEO Made Simple?

SEO Made Simple is an SEO course by Erica Julson at The Unconventional RD. This course teaches you how to create great content for your site, how to optimise your content and site for search engines, and even has bonus lessons on making money with your blog.

It is a self-paced course where you get access to all modules as soon as you purchase. This is great because you can work through the course in your own time and implement changes to your site as you go.

Erica also gives you access to a fabulous Facebook community as part of your purchase. It is filled with students on the course who are always willing to help with any questions you may have. Erica is also incredibly active within the group and answers every single question – it’s amazing!

Erica also hosts monthly hour-long Zoom calls to answer questions in more detail and provide any updates on the Google algorithm or any other SEO news. These sessions are great to troubleshoot any issues you are having with your site.

Why I purchased SEO Made Simple

In October 2022 I had surgery and decided to step away from my online private practice. I always knew I was drawn to more unconventional ways to make money as a nutritionist and had added affiliate marketing and digital products as income streams to my business in 2022.

But, I knew that if I wanted to give up working 1:1 with nutrition clients I needed more people to find me and my site. Katie Dodd (founder of Dietitian Side Hustle) introduced me to Erica’s work via her podcast. I binge-listened to all her episodes, listened to the testimonials and case studies and realised I needed to work with Erica!

Where my site was before SEO Made Simple

My site, The PCOS Collective, was stagnant with traffic (about 1,000 sessions per month). I had some SEO knowledge and had been implementing bits and pieces here and there. But I always felt like there was a missing piece.

I had seen various SEO courses online but I always felt like they didn’t quite get it because they weren’t in the health or nutrition field. We have to be more conscious about the tactics and strategies we use online as qualified and registered nutritionists and dietitians.

As an RD who supports other wellbeing professionals and food bloggers, I knew Erica would understand the nuance of being a healthcare professional and the course is completed focused on RDs and other nutrition professionals.

The changes I implemented with the course

The biggest change I made was to move my site from Squarespace to WordPress. This had been something I had been thinking about for a while but the SEO Made Simple course confirmed it for me.

If I wanted to take growing my site traffic seriously then I knew I needed to make the move! Especially as I plan to grow my traffic to be eligible for Mediavine (a high-end ad network), I needed to be able to get into the backend of my site and be able to optimise things like site speed, which you have little to no control over with a Squarespace or Wix site.

I also changed our domain name from to .com. Again, something I had thought about for a long time. All of these changes were made in December 2022 – January 2023 which meant that it took Google about 8 weeks to understand the changes I had made.

If I already had made these changes before starting SEO Made Simple, my results would have been so much quicker! But, they needed to be done and I am reaping the benefits now.

Once these changes had been made, I focused on auditing the site. We had about 80 blog posts that were okay in terms of content but were not SEO-friendly. Using Erica’s framework, I am now updating the entire site by overhauling the content. I have done this for about 18 articles so far.

Erica’s course really comprehensively teaches you how to undertake keyword research as well as how to see how well your site is doing in terms of keyword ranking and where changes could be made.

Every time we create a new post or update an old post, I use Erica’s framework and all of her tips. We now rank on the first or second page of Google for many new or updated articles within a few days.

The course also helps you establish your EAT which is Google’s acronym for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. To put it simply, this means showing Google and users of your site that you know your stuff!

She advises on how you can effectively update your about and contact page as well as author biography and editorial process so Google knows you’re legit and your content is trustworthy. This means it’ll push it to more people!

I am now working on optimising the site in terms of speed and ensuring it is as healthy as possible on the backend as well as growing our backlink portfolio.

Where my site was after SEO Made Simple

As mentioned, the site is now on WordPress and has a .com domain. This was a huge undertaking but so valuable.

It has taken Google a while to understand that we have moved on the internet but in the last few weeks (about 8-10 weeks post site move), our traffic has grown exponentially.

In April 2023 (5 months post purchasing the course; 3 months post site move), our traffic is up by 84.7% (sessions) compared to the previous 30 days. SEO isn’t an overnight game, it takes time for Google to understand you and your site and start ranking your content.

My goal is to reach 50,000 sessions per month to be able to join Mediavine, an ad network that will place advertisements on your site and pay you for the privilege. My affiliate income has grown massively simply from getting more people on the site – I made more affiliate income in 2023 Q1 than the whole of 2022!

I will update this page monthly with updated stats!

What I loved about SEO Made Simple

The main thing I love about this course is its simplicity. Erica breaks down every single step into easy-to-follow lessons and literally takes you through every single click you need to do to get the work done – it’s seriously impressive!

The Facebook group and monthly calls are also such a great example of how adding a community to a self-paced course can help you actually complete it! Some seriously successful bloggers are in the group who have 100,000+ sessions per month on their site and are making a lot of money through advertising, digital products and affiliate marketing.

SEO Made Simple, to put it simply (pun intended), is such an incredible course that will get you results if you put the work in.

If you are ready to join the waitlist or purchase SEO Made Simple* then I have a fabulous bonus for you if you use my affiliate link.

You will receive £250 of AlexCredit which you can spend on anything in my product suite (1:1 calls, courses, digital products…whatever it is you fancy!)

Remember to use code ALEXOKELL when joining the waitlist or purchasing SEO Made Simple* to receive your bonus!

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