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Grow your website traffic using SEO with Erica Julson (The Unconventional RD)

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If you feel like you’re getting no traffic to your site, or you’re slowly growing but just not quite quickly enough then you need to hear this episode with Erica Julson from The Unconventional RD.

Erica Julson is a registered dietitian and proponent of online entrepreneurship for RDs. She is the founder of The Unconventional RD – a podcast, Facebook community, and an online course dedicated to helping wellness professionals learn how to think outside of the traditional employment box and start, grow, and scale their own digital empires. She loves talking about all things SEO, passive income, and email marketing.

In this podcast

  • Why SEO, what it is and why Erica thinks you should prioritise it
  • Common mistakes people are making when it comes to trying to grow their traffic to their site
  • How blogging can be a good way to attract 1:1 or group clients
  • What keyword research is and her favourite tools
  • How long it takes to start ranking on Google and start seeing results
  • Quick SEO wins you can implement easily

Resources Mentioned

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