Alex Okell

What is a Slow Business?

Inspired by the Slow Living movement, a Slow Business is a business that is conscious, sustainable and compassionate. A Slow Business is true to you and your values, rather than trying to live up to someone else’s idea of success. Forget the relentless treadmill of chasing the next big project, running a slow business is the art of swimming with the current rather than against it.

We start our own businesses as we want to create a life of freedom, satisfaction and flexibility. We want to give ourselves the space to prioritise what matters to us in life – our relationships, our hobbies, our health.

But instead of more time, less stress and fuller, more meaningful lives, we are left feeling anxious about where our next client is coming from, worrying about whether we can pay ourselves and spending more time working and less time doing the things we love.

Capitalism and the patriarchy have told us that the only way we can start, build and grow our businesses is by hustling non-stop and engaging in “bro” marketing techniques.

Relying on scarcity and FOMO marketing and withholding the truth about our services leads us to feel unaligned, not confident about our services and ultimately lacking integrity… and your clients can feel it too.

To me, a slow business is one that focuses on abundance, transparency and inclusion – a business that you are excited about, one that prioritises your mental and physical health and allows you to fully support your clients. All whilst building a life you love.

Implementing the Slow Business framework is ideal for you if you are tired of hustle culture, if you feel like your worth is dependent on your work and if you are ready to live a life of abundance, not scarcity.

Download you free Slow Business Framework guide here.

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