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Traffic Growth Report: January 2023

Welcome to the first instalment of my Traffic Growth Reports! Follow along as I try to grow my site from 0 visitors to 50,000 (the reason for those numbers will be explained below). I am using what I have learned from Erica Julson’s SEO Made Simple course* and the free Start a Website tutorial*.

Keep reading for my candid experience growing my nutrition website.

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Where am I starting?

In 2020 I created a Squarespace site for my business. I changed the name and focus in December 2021 and really niched down into a certain area of health and wellbeing. But, my focus was on gaining 1:1 clients. I spent the majority of my time creating content for social media and my assistant would write an article a week for the website.

I had no idea about SEO at this point. Although I had listened to various podcasts and watched YouTube videos on SEO, I just didn’t really get it! We naturally started ranking for a few very niche, low-volume keywords plus some local keywords for my niche. That’s what got me really curious about SEO… surely if I put some time into this then I could actually start bringing in some decent traffic.

I listened to various podcasts like The Unconventional RD podcast, the Dietitian Side Hustle podcast and Side Hustle Nation podcast and was so inspired by all of the case studies of quote un quote “normal” people like me growing their sites to 10K, 50K, 100K+ visitors every month. I knew my niche was unique and needed more high-quality content to really see some serious growth so I decided to stop seeing clients 1:1 in October 2022 and go all in on growing my site.

I purchased SEO Made Simple* and really went back to the drawing board. I focused my full energy on rebuilding the site, changing the domain and updating the 70+ articles we had on the site.

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What are my goals with this site?

My goal is to reach 50,000 sessions per month to be able to join Mediavine, an ad network that will place advertisements on your site and pay you for the privilege. When I reach 10,000 sessions I will add Ezoic ads to my site to start bringing in ad revenue whilst I wait to join Mediavine!

I already have a course for professionals, an eBook and a masterclass for sale. I have also prioritised affiliate marketing across the site too so I am very keen to grow the affiliate marketing side of the business too.

What I did in January to grow my site

As January was the first month of this experiment/change in my business I did two pretty huge things. I moved my entire site from Squarespace to WordPress and changed the domain from to .com.

I wanted a fresh start with all of the best SEO practices in situ before putting so much time, energy and money into this business.

Moved from Squarespace to WordPress

Okay, this was a huge job! As I was watching SEO Made Simple* and listening to podcasts about growing website traffic I noticed that all the case studies had one thing in common – using WordPress.

Squarespace makes it easy to create an aesthetic website and can definitely grow with SEO but if you are hoping to host hundreds of thousands of website visitors every single month, you need to think long-term!

I wanted to make sure my site could be as fast as possible and was completely customisable so WordPress was the clear choice.

I used Erica’s free Start a Website tutorial* to build the site, plus plenty of YouTube videos and I reached out to Greyson at iMark to help me with a technical issue I was having with the redirects.

Changed domain from to .com

This was another recommendation from the course. Because my aim was to grow my website using the “publisher” business model i.e. getting as many eyes on the site as possible, I knew I would be getting traffic from all around the world. Sites with the .com ending do tend to be clicked more and are considered more trustworthy so I took the plunge.

Published or updated six articles

Using the strategies I learned in SEO Made Simple* I went back to the old blog posts we had and updated them using the framework taught. I’m pretty happy with six articles but would love to bump that up to 8-10, so approximately 2 per week.

Updating articles takes a long time, it can even be as long as writing a new post! I am trying to spend a couple of hours a month writing outlines and then 2-3 hours per article.

I am a quick writer and I know the subject area very well so I think I can get through the backlog of older articles and the new keywords I want to target pretty quickly. I’d like to have all the older articles updated by the end of July but I think I may struggle… some of them seem to take hours on end!

January traffic results

This month is an easy comparison as I am starting at 0! It’s a strange one because my site isn’t exactly at 0 traffic – I have a decent-sized email list, a bank of old articles and a few thousand on social media. But, in terms of the domain, the site is brand new. But luckily, with the help of Greyson at iMark I was able to hold on to the small amount of link juice I had built up on the old site.

Previous MonthCurrent Month
Number of keywords on page 1060

Overall I am really happy with how this month has gone. Sure, the numbers aren’t huge but I know that SEO is a long game and I really wanted to sort the backend of my site out. The big changes like moving to WordPress and changing the domain will have taken a big hit on traffic, but I know it’ll be worth it in the long term!

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