The Affiliate Marketing Launch Lab

Launch your affiliate marketing strategy in one CEO afternoon

Bring in consistent income without launching and make 1:1 by-invitation-only with affiliate marketing

The Affiliate Marketing Launch Lab is a Revenue Stream Diversification programme for in-demand, purpose-led coaches, educators and experts that teaches you how to add affiliate marketing into your business in just one CEO afternoon.

Learn how to find, place, track and optimise aligned affiliate links in your business that bring in regular, recurring revenue even when you aren’t online.


Forget everything you know about affiliate marketing and replace it with the opportunity to create more income whilst showcasing your expertise and authority to your audience by recommending aligned, high-quality products and services.

You don’t need to launch a new digital product, you don’t need to open more slots in your busy calendar and you don’t need to constantly reinvent the wheel to serve your audience and create more income in your business.

You will create a brand new revenue stream in your business in just one CEO afternoon that brings in income even when you’re offline with The Affiliate Marketing Launch Lab.

Just like me and my clients do every single month.


We’ve been sold the passive income dream time and time again but affiliate marketing is truly the closest thing to passive income.

Put aside one CEO afternoon to put your strategy into place and just one hour per month to track your metrics and optimise your links to build a solid revenue stream from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing strategy makes sales whilst you sleep – and  you don’t even need to deliver the product or service.

What will you use this extra time and income freedom for? Travel, spending time with your family, scaling your business, hiring new team members, learning a new hobby? It’s completely up to you.

AFFILIATE MARKETING HELPS YOU make money without being visible 24/7


  • You have an engaged and relevant audience

    Although you don't need a huge audience, it is important to have a relevant audience (i.e. people who are your ideal clients) who are engaged (i.e. opening emails, interacting on social media and/or finding your site via SEO).

  • You want to add in another revenue stream

    You are probably tired of Zoom calls or are nervous about relying on course launches and want a low-key way to bring in more income every month. That's where affiliate marketing comes in.

  • You want to increase your affiliate marketing sales

    Maybe you've tinkered around with affiliate marketing before but aren't making consistent sales and can't quite pinpoint why certain links are performing well whilst others aren't. You are ready to grow your affiliate marketing slice of the revenue pie to 20%+.

The Modules

  • 1. Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

    Learn what affiliate marketing is, access our affiliate marketing dictionary, discover the types of affiliate programmes you can join, how cookies work, the legal stuff, cloaking and geotagging.

  • 2. Find Aligned Affiliate Programmes

    Time to find programmes that you feel aligned with, discover how to become accepted, pitch to brands without programmes and track your links with our complimentary tracker

  • 3. Place Affiliate Links

    Let's place those links! Learn the Affiliate Marketing Success Strategy and how to apply this across your website, social media, email marketing and within your work.

  • 4. Track Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

    Learn exactly what metrics you need to track and use our helpful complimentary metrics tracker with automated graphs to report your results. Discover advanced softwares to take your affiliate marketing to the next level.

  • 5. Understand Your Metrics and Optimise Your Links

    Now we've tracked our efforts, it's time to optimise! Not sure whats working and whats not? Our Poor Performance Flowchart guides you to exactly what needs optimising and how to do it.

The Bonuses


    The ultimate plug and play link and metrics tracker. Have your affiliate marketing links all in one place alongside your monthly metrics with handy no-click reports. Make it easy for you or your team to analyse and optimise your links.


    Access the entire course as a private podcast so you can listen and learn on the go!


    Your membership card is waiting...unlock the Co-Launch Club! When you reach 30 affiliate sales in 30 days and submit your evidence, you will access a bonus area in Kajabi that teaches you the exact step-by-step process of how to do an affiliate live launch.


The goal of The Affiliate Marketing Launch Lab is to launch your affiliate marketing strategy in one CEO afternoon to add a new revenue stream to your business that doesn’t involve more Zoom calls.

My bonus goal for you? To make 30 affiliate sales in 30 days.

Inside The Affiliate Marketing Launch Lab, we have a rewards programme called the CoLaunch Club.

When you reach 30 affiliate sales in 30 days and submit your evidence, you will access a bonus area in Kajabi that teaches you the exact step-by-step process of how to do an affiliate live launch.

Ever wondered how people reach the top of the affiliate leaderboard time and time again? The CoLaunch Club pulls back the curtain and oozes affiliate marketing strategy specific to live launching.

So the next time someone is live launching their course, programme or product you can join their team, harness their momentum and have a killer colaunch.

The Investment

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Pay in Full

£497 x 1

Pay in Three

£166 x 3

How Much Can I Really Make?

Vix, a course strategist, has an email list of ~1000. She made an extra £1.5K promoting an email course to her audience - and topped the leaderboard for the launch!


    Course strategist + Online educator

    Liam, a personal trainer and dietitian, has a TikTok audience of 12K and an email list of ~3000 people. He affiliates for a mixture of low cost products and a £300 course. He makes £2000 per month.


      Personal Trainer & Dietitian

      Sarah, a life coach, has an Instagram community of ~3.4K and an email list of ~900 with little to no traffic from search engines. Sarah went from £0 in affiliate income to £700 in just one month using a variety of affiliate marketing strategies.



        Evelyn, a nutritionist, has a TikTok audience of less than 5K and an email list of ~500 people. She affiliates for low cost products (less than £50) and makes an extra £300 per month.



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