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A done-for-you funnel build for booked-out nutritionists, dietitians and health coaches ready to leverage their impact and double their revenue through consistently filled funnels.

Your funnel is your 24/7 sales expert

In just 2 weeks from your first call, you will have a strategic, seamless funnel built to sell your service, product or programme on autopilot.

Does this sound like you?

You are ready to scale your business beyond 1:1

Your programme, course or digital product gets results - you just need more people inside your scalable offers. Your Nourished Funnel is built to scale with you so you can create more impact and more income.

You want to create consistent passive-ish sales on autopilot

You don't want to just create income when you discount your digital products or launch your group programme. You want to create consistent sales on autopilot with a Nourished Funnel.

You want to double your income without double the work

You're ready to hit those 5 or 6-figure months but don't have the capacity to faff with the tech, create new sales page or tinker with segmentation. You need someone who understands the health and wellbeing industry to create a non-sleazy funnel that works.

What exactly is a funnel?

You have a programme, course or digital product that sells well – when you do a flash sale or a launch event – but otherwise it just sits collecting dust in your online shop.

If you want to sell 24/7 and bring in sales in between launches, you need a Nourished Funnel.

A Nourished Funnel includes an opt-in asset and landing page that converts cold and warm traffic, a nurturing, sleaze-free email sequence and a highly-converting sales page so you can create sales on autopilot – even when you’re offline.

Hi, I'm Alex Okell

I’m a Registered Nutritionist turned Business Strategist who went from burnt out and booked up to creating a PCOS education hub that brings in semi-passive revenue through courses, digital products, affiliate income and sponsorships.

In 2022 I hit major burnout. I was seeing 20-30 clients a week, I had no boundaries and was seeing them anytime I could – even working evenings which I hated!

I was forced to stop seeing clients as I had surgery for endometriosis and had to take 6 weeks of work. So I said goodbye to 1:1 clients that whole time, and because of my burnout and physical health issues, I took months off from 1:1 work.

I knew when I returned to clinic I needed to think of another way to work with people and support them with their nutrition without compromising my own wellbeing.

I did this in two ways: creating a B2B course called PCOS for Professionals and a B2C course called PCOS University using my Beyond 1:1 Framework.

With both of these digital products, I developed my signature framework to ensure that these clients – even though I wasn’t working with them 1:1 – got results beyond the programme promise.

With both of these digital products, I developed my signature framework to ensure that these clients – even though I wasn’t working with them 1:1 – got results beyond the programme promise.

These products now sell on autopilot with my Nourished Funnel – making 20-30 sales per month without discovery calls or launches.

I now help other nutritionists, dietitians, health coaches and PTs to expand their revenue beyond 1:1 to create more impact and more income without opening up more calendar spaces.

The Nourished Funnel Framework


In our 90-minute kick-off call, we audit your offer and refine your messaging so it is clear who you help, and how.

I get to know your tone of voice, writing style and even your emoji use (!) so your funnel content sounds like you.


Your opt-in needs to be a no-brainer for your audience. We optimise your opt-in so it seamlessly leads into your funnel and attracts your perfect-fit clients, even when you’re offline.


Behind the scenes, I'll put together your funnel roadmap including opt-in pages, sales pages and email sequences with relevant segmentation and automation.

Once you’ve given feedback and approved, I will set it up for you inside your email marketing software. Get ready for sales on autopilot!

The Investment


Choose between Pay in Full or 2 payments of £1250

After applying, I will be in touch within 24 hours.

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