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Want to make sure your affiliates are promoting their links properly and complying with the ASA?

You Need

The Affiliate Compliance Training License

Usually £97

Your affiliates want to feel confident that they are affiliating for your products and services without the risk of getting into trouble with the ASA or losing the trust of their audience.

You need a quick and easy-to-implement training to give to your affiliates so you can rest easy knowing they are complying with the latest ASA rules.

License my training from The Affiliate Marketing Launch Lab course (Module 2: The Legal Stuff) to provide your affiliates with the training they need.

Hi, I'm Alex

I am a Nutritionist and Certified Business Strategist and through forward-thinking business strategy I help business owners like you create a more spacious calendar through expansive product suites and affiliate marketing.


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Give your affiliates the confidence to sell for you with this Affiliate Marketing Compliance training license

Usually £97

For just £47, you receive:

  • Immediate access to a short video outlining how affiliates can promote products and services across their website, email marketing and social media
  • You are purchasing a license to share the video with your affiliates
  • Lifetime access to any updates

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Usually £97
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