Build Your Business Schol

The eight-week course to build your online wellbeing business from scratch

The step-by-step approach to confidently start an online wellbeing business. You will be supported through the basics including the finances, legalities and pricing as well as be guided to help you shift your mindset to give you the confidence to get your first client. We will share with you all the mistakes we’ve made (so you don’t have to!) and all our tips, tricks and systems for success.

Let’s Make Sure You’re A Good Fit!

You have done years of training to become a wellbeing professional, you know everything about glycogenesis, the anatomy of the human body and how to conduct a research study.

Now you’ve finished your course (or are almost finished!).

You want to build a career that combines your passion for wellbeing with being your own boss.

You see other wellbeing pros living your dream life: they seem to have all the 1-1 clients, all the answers, the flashy website; how did they do it!?

You know if you just gained the knowledge you need that you could start your own online wellbeing practice and start seeing clients.

Are you…

⭐️ Thinking of starting a wellbeing business but don’t know where to begin or what information to take action on?

⭐️ Worried about starting a business because of the confusing legalities, insurance options and terms and conditions you need to create?

⭐️ Not in a position to spend thousands on a coach or lots of courses but want the knowledge of someone who has been where you are?

⭐️ Ready to put in the work AND transform your mindset to help you to create a business that you love?

You know how they say the hardest part is getting started? They’re kind of right.

You need support to start your business, with the guidance of people who’ve been where you are. You need Build Your Business School.

By the end of this course, you will have…

💭 Visualised where you want your business to be, and made a plan for how you will get there

✏️ Understood exactly what kind of business owner you want to be and what is important to you

🧠 Figured out who you want to work with, who you don’t want to work with, and how to find those people

💵 Learned about the different types of business models you can incorporate

📱 Implemented key systems and softwares to make running a business a breeze

🗣 Gained confidence in setting up & ending 1:1 client sessions

🔍 Figured out how to find and retain clients

🖊 Secured all the legal stuff in place

💰 Decided how to price your services

Shannon Western in a black and white photo

Meet Your Teachers

Shannon Western
Registered Associate Nutritionist & Founder of Ease Nutrition Therapy

Alex Okell
Registered Associate Nutritionist & Founder of The PCOS Collective

The Investment

What’s Inside Build Your Business School

Monthly Q&A Session

Hot seat coaching with your teachers and fellow students to ask questions, help each other out and network with like-minded wellbeing pros.

8 x Modules

Eight jam-packed modules on topics from discovering your ideal client, finding insurance, navigating discovery calls and retaining clients.

Module 1: Visualisation & Values

Module 2: The Legalities

Module 3: Software 101

Module 4: Pricing & Profit

Module 5: Marketing from Scratch – Finding & Retaining Clients

Module 6: When a Client Finds You – Navigating Discovery Calls and Following Up with Leads

Module 7: Preparing for Your Client Sessions & Navigating

Module 8: Looking After You – Business Wellbeing Foundations

Any questions?

The course starts as soon as you purchase! You have lifetime access to the course and all updates.

Modules are released to your member’s area as soon as you sign up. Office hours (Q&A drop-in) are hosted on Zoom by Alex. The Q&A calls are recorded and uploaded for replay in your member’s area and on the private podcast feed.

Yes! This will allow you to start your wellbeing career on the front foot – with all the components of a wellbeing business ready to go when you graduate.

Each module is about an hour and there are 8 modules. We expect the implementation time to be between 1-2 hours per week – you can put in more or less time depending on what suits you!

You will have access to the course for its lifetime.

Absolutely, even though we are nutritionists so we will be bringing our experience into the course, as long as you are ready to create a compassionate and profitable business then the Build Your Business School can help!

Yes! Some of the content will be through a UK lens (as that is our own experience) and you may need to speak to an accountant in your country for country-specific advice but the general business foundations and marketing advice is applicable anywhere!

The sessions are monthly at 11am UK time.

You can pre-submit questions to Alex and Shannon and rewatch the recording in your member’s area.

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