Alex Okell

Beyond 1:1

A 3-month 1:1 sprint to create, pre-sell and launch your first (or next!) programme, course or digital product within 90 days

Your clients don’t need 1:1 calls to get results

You can create a programme, course or digital product that gets your clients 1:1 results without opening up more space in your calendar

Does this sound like you?

You are a booked-out nutritionist, dietitian, health coach or PT

You believe your expertise could help so many people with their health and wellbeing if you could just work with more people - but you don’t have the calendar space or mental capacity to take on more clients.

You want to diversify your income beyond 1:1

You have developed your signature way of working with clients and know that your expertise would help SO many people if you could just get in front of more of your "perfect fit" audience. You are ready to develop group programmes or digital products to create more income and more impact.

You want support to successfully replace some (or all!) of your 1:1 income

You're ready to develop group programs or digital products to generate more income and make a bigger impact, but you're not sure how to structure your signature framework or package it in a way that delivers results.

Get ready to go Beyond 1:1 and...

Create a Programme, Course or Digital Product that gets results

If you think that you can only get results for your clients by working with them 1:1, I have news for you. By untangling your Signature Framework and packaging it into your Expert Offer your lower lift offers can get incredible results, without burning you out.

Reach your launch goals with a proven framework

Tried selling a programme, course or digital product before and heard crickets? I feel you. You need a pre-sell and launch plan that converts your community into customers.

Create more impact and more income without seeing more 1:1 clients

Instead of only being able to work with a limited number of clients per week, we create a scaleable offer that you can launch again and again, to make more impact and more income.

Hi, I'm Alex Okell

I’m a Registered Nutritionist turned Business Strategist who went from burnt out and booked up to creating a PCOS education hub that brings in semi-passive revenue through courses, digital products, affiliate income and sponsorships.

In 2022 I hit major burnout. I was seeing 20-30 clients a week, I had no boundaries and was seeing them anytime I could – even working evenings which I hated!

I was forced to stop seeing clients as I had surgery for endometriosis and had to take 6 weeks of work. So I said goodbye to 1:1 clients that whole time, and because of my burnout and physical health issues, I took months off from 1:1 work.

I knew when I returned to clinic I needed to think of another way to work with people and support them with their nutrition without compromising my own wellbeing.

I did this in two ways: creating a B2B course called PCOS for Professionals and a B2C course called PCOS University using my Beyond 1:1 Framework.

With both of these digital products, I developed my signature framework to ensure that these clients – even though I wasn’t working with them 1:1 – got results beyond the programme promise.

I now help other nutritionists, dietitians, health coaches and PTs to expand their revenue beyond 1:1 to create more impact and more income without opening up more calendar spaces.

The Beyond 1:1 Blueprint


We start with a 90-minute Strategy Call to tease out your Signature Framework to package into your Expert Offer that gets results, without 1:1 calls. We will plan the next 3-months so you have a clear week-by-week plan to go from idea to launch.


During this Strategy Call we generate your unique pre-sell plan so you can validate your messaging and pricing by pre-selling your Expert Offer to your community. In between our calls you get daily Voxer access for accountability and strategy support.


In our Launch Strategy calls we refine your messaging and create a launch plan to curate demand that activates your audience ready to buy. Get ready to sell out your offer during the launch (and again and again at your next launch!).

The Investment


Choose between Pay in Full or 3 payments of £500


START DATE: 17th June or 18th November [choose your space during check-out!]


You can book your slot to start on the 17th June or 18th November.

No, this is for people who have already established themselves with 1:1 clients.

No, we cannot guarantee results. There are no refunds available for Beyond 1:1.

As long as you’re a professional in the health or wellbeing space – let’s work together!

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